Gašper Selko is an instrumentalist and producer whose musical journey began at the music school in Kamnik. He continued his studies at the  Academy of Music in Ljubljana under the tutelage of professor Tibor Kerekeš. Selko’s diverse range of musical interests and creative freedom have allowed him to develop a unique and innovative musical expression that spans various genres, including jazz, ethno, electronic, metal, hip hop, funk and contemporary art.

Throughout his career Selko has collaborated with a range of artists and musicians demonstrating his versatility and adaptability. He is a member of several bands including Leni Kravac and Borzak. Selko has also worked with renowned artists and groups such as Noctiferia, Murat and Jose, Shadow Universe, Igor Leonardi, Bowrain, Boris Cavazza, Borz, Denis Beganovič, Urška Centa, JaMirko, Damaris, and the Domžale – Kamnik Symphony Orchestra.

With his unwavering passion Gašper Selko has established himself as a dynamic and innovative force in the music industry, always pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of music.

'' I'm here to share my music, feelings ... my life. And my language is music. So there is no end, just growth ...''

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