X.U.L is a project by musician and composer Gašper Selko. Through the music he creates, we can perceive and hear sound patterns, elements and textures, ranging from contemporary classical music all the way to improvised electronic music. In the melodies and notes that at times remain in time and space, the eclectic musical expression develops, builds and collapses. X.U.L in his atmosphere and many repetitive patterns leaves questions and answers for every listener who dares to indulge in his musical idea. With the release of his first album ”VOID – A Story about a Man” (2019) and second ”A Guide for Lost Travellers” (2021) he also began collaboration with an Icelandic musician and producer Frosti Jonssøn. Their collaborative effort leads to the release of ”tengsl” (2022, Möller Records). Tengsl creates an ethereal, hypnotizing vibe thanks to the repetitive minimalistic patterns and offers us a sonically soothing experience.

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Kaldalón - Harpa Reykjavík (ICE)

X.U.L & Bistro Boy


April 2024

Dom kulture Kamnik

X.U.L & Bistro Boy

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”The ambient soundscapes that Selko has created delves into elemental questions posed on how to experience music as one entire unit of consciousness. In this experimental project, X.U.L is excited to learn how we could receive music the exact same as everyone else as one body with limitless sensations. ~Pitch Perfect (My Nguyen)

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BISTRO BOY & x.u.l - tengsl

”With the album “tengsl” there is no shame in shedding a tear. It is a purifying and uplifting experience, touching the deepest layers of sensitivity, giving relief and peace…The whole creates an excellent musical feast that you absolutely cannot miss.” – Stacja Islandia (Marcin Kozicki)

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