”X.U.L. vešče prepleta zvočne vzorce, prvine in teksture, ki se gibljejo od sodobnega glasbenega klasicizma pa vse do improvizirane elektronske godbe. Na trenutke so v tem zvočnem pripovedovanju meje popolnoma zabrisane, drugič jih avtor skozi formatiranje dramaturgije po lastni intuiciji in navdihu postavlja v ospredje.” – SIGIC 

”The ambient soundscapes that Selko has created delves into elemental questions posed on how to experience music as one entire unit of consciousness. In this experimental project, X.U.L is excited to learn how we could receive music the exact same as everyone else as one body with limitless sensations.” – Divide and Conquer

”What at first appears to be moody and quiet turns into a beautifully flowing work that is epic and cinematic in nature. X.U.L’s simple progression gradually becomes ripe with vibrant sounds and textures at every turn.” – Pleaspasstheindie